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Saturday, July 20, 2019  
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 Step into a new dimension of training and take this opportunity to pursue Traditional Ninjutsu and its Warrior path.

Now accepting new students of all ages, just attend the next regularly scheduled training time.


Now accepting new students of all ages, just attend the next regularly scheduled training time.

You will be entering into the arena of:

The 9 Ryu

  • Advanced training of Ninjutsu.
  • *Younger Students please select from the menu on your left "Ninja Kids".
  • Begin and learn extensive weapons training.
  • Special training & environments.
  • Outdoors, night, rain, snow, water training.
  • Strong sense of group unity, lasting, & positive friendships
  • Rank certificates from Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi (34th generation Soke (leader) of  Japan) Bujinkan
  • We officially accept long-term students after in class evaluations and
  • background checks are done.
  • Upon acceptance into Traditional Training you will be given a New Student Basic Guidebook to help you understand the depth of this training.
  • Ninjutsu Self Defense Tactics & The Ninja and their Training By: Shihan Rick Spangler



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Masaaki Hatsumi


 The Bujinkan ”( Bu jin kan ) , pronounced approximately: boo jen con, meaning: “warrior spirit training hall” Consists of a documented system of  9 unique styles of martial arts, including the legendary Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu, oldest of the 9 ryu documenting back 34 generations to the current international leader, 34th generation Soke, Masaaki Hatsumi of Japan. In which, I am a personal student of his.


Starting at a white belt then your first promotion would be to 9th kyu working your way to 1st Kyu. Then on to the dan ranks (pronounced don) black belt ranks, which you receive from Japan starting at 1st degree black belt (1st dan) or known as Shodan. Black Belt ranks can only be awarded to those 18 years and older* (special exceptions are made). The Official Illinois Bujinkan Dojo Black Belt Shinobi Counsel will deal with all Major concerns and issues.  *Kid's classes are completely seperate from this.  After they work thought all the colored belts, they can attain the rank of Jr. Black Belt even at a young age.

All traditional rankings use the patch & star system. Your patch and the number of stars over the patch denotes one’s rank. Starting out you will progress through the "Kyu” ranks of which  there are 9 levels. Once you have achieved the highest Kyu ran (1st Kyu) you are eligible for black belt ranking.


In entering the Kyu ranks you wear on your Uniform (gi) a Kyu  patch on the front of your gi which we recieve from Japan.  Dan ranks have 3 distinct patches. One patch for Dan ranks 1 to 4, another patch for ranks 5 - 9 and a final patch for ranks 10 - 15.

Your Hiken Dojo (local dojo) patch  is to be on your left shoulder, just below the sleeve seem.

For Adult Traditional Training, at minimum what you will need:

  • 3 foot stick (hanbo) (get a dowel rod at a hardware store)
  • Obtain within the first month or so:
  • Black Uniform (or black pants & black T-shirt), Price varies
  • wooden sword (bokken)
  • wooden knife (tanto)
  • 6 ft. staff (bo) 

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