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Saturday, July 20, 2019  
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Shihan (master instructor) Rick Spangler, Jugodan established the Illinois Bujinkan Dojo in 1989. We are part of the International Bujinkan Dojo (900 years of tradition). The Bujinkan Dojo is ran by the 34th generation Leader ( Soke ), Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi of Noda City, Japan. Our purpose is to provide authentic, traditional ninja training to good-hearted people. General disclaimer, not all books, websites, or articles necessarily reflect the views of this dojo or its instructor. Practice at your own risk and do not train without proper instruction.

Spangler Shihan passed the Godan test in 1993, administered personally by Hatsumi Soke of Japan.  Years ago Spangler was promoted to Shihan (a Ninjutsu master teacher 10-15th degree Black Belt) & is still learning, teaching and refining. We provide training in various locations across Illinois and special seminars out of state. Spangler officially began his martial arts training in 1981. He also holds various ranks, titles, and or additional qualifications in Tang Soo Do, wrestling, archery, survival, police firearms training, Criminal Justice, certified private pilot, skydiver, certified scuba diver, certified 1st Aid care giver. He also teaches VIP protection tactics, women's self defense groups, children's groups, and security teams.

Shihan Spangler is a Graduate, 1992, of the Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. Attaining a Bachelor of Science degree, in Administration of Justice(Criminal Justice). While at College he was a member of the Air Force and Army Reserve Officer Training Corps program running morning PT, attaining the highest underclassman cadet rank, & achieving the Warrior Spirit Award of Detachment 205.

Also working with three Police departments over the years, one at SIU-PD, and the other within county Sheriff’s office. Assignments included: undercover, auxiliary police officer, and employed as general security.  Also OPFOR (bad guy) for SWAT Team training. Led a special security detail for a visit by Illinois Governor Rauner.

Furthermore, Rick Spangler (ordained pastor) and his wife are also in ministry, and is a devoted family man rooted in faith in God.

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